The National Council of the Export Manufacturing Industry A.C. is authorized to issue the compliance report regarding the “Guidelines of the Electronic System for the Control of Inventories of Temporary Imports,” as well as in accordance with the provisions of the rule 7.1.4, second paragraph, Section D, fraction VIII, in accordance with the current General Foreign Trade Regulations (RGCE).
Benefits of having the Registration:
  • They can, through their customs agent, customs agency, customs attorney, or accredited legal representative, submit the “Simplified Form of the Customs Declaration” from Annex 1.
  • In the case of operations carried out with consolidated customs declarations in accordance with Articles 37 and 37-A of the Law, they may process the corresponding consolidated customs declaration in accordance with the “Simplified Form of the Customs Declaration” from Annex 1, as referred to in fraction I of this rule, on a weekly or monthly basis. For the purposes of Articles 37 and 37-A of the Law, for each shipment, they must transmit the “Electronic Import and Export Notice” from Annex 1 to the SAAI, presenting the goods with the notice before the automated selection mechanism, in accordance with the “Guidelines for the transmission of electronic import and export notice” issued by the AGA, without the need to attach the CFDI or equivalent document referred to in Articles 36 and 36-A of the Law.
  • They will have a period of 60 days from the date of their authorization to make the necessary adjustments between the SECIIT provided in Section II of Annex 24 and the inventory control system referred to in Articles 59, fraction I of the Law, and 24, fraction IX of the IMMEX Decree, to which they were obligated before obtaining their authorization, in accordance with Section I of the mentioned Annex.
  • Goods specified in Articles 108, fraction I of the Law, and 4, fraction I of the IMMEX Decree, may remain in national territory for up to 48 months.



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